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In pursuit of a resolution….

January 2, 2008

Many people have spent the last few days asking “What will I resolve for 2008?” As I had time to do a lot of reading and thinking over the last few days, my thoughts have gone a little astray from the ordinary resolutions. Instead, I have been asking questions like: Am I really walking with God, or am I a hypocrite?

For three years Judas lived, ate, walked, and related to Christ. He served him, shared discussions with him, learned from him, told others about him, and saw him first hand. In the end, he made a choice that we all know led him away from Christ. How many choices happened before that final series of decisions? What led him to choose again and again to turn away from Christ and not embrace the love he was offered? What made Peter run away and deny Christ? What made John run away naked? What makes me think I am any different, after all, I haven’t had the opportunity to walk face-to-face with Christ every day for three years?

  • Am I blind to my own issues?
  • How am I dealing with my sin?

“Love has to let the beloved choose.  Judas had made his choice.  Jesus had to let Judas walk away because he wasn’t ready to embrace the kingdom life.  He’d never been ready.  The lover gives the beloved a chance to see us before stepping over the threshold.  For three years Judas had said no.  In fact, earlier that night Jesus had told his disciples that it would not bode well for his betrayer : “here at this table, sitting among us as a friend, is the man who will betray me.  For I, the son of man, must die since it is part of God’s plan.  But how terrible it will be for my betrayer!” (Luke 22:21-22). Judas even ignored this warning and went ahead with his plan.  Judas’s life had been an open invitation to Satan for a long time.  Finally, the tempter came in and shut the door behind him.” (Story: Recapture the Mystery by Steven James)

  • Do I know what love is? How am I exhibiting it to others?
  • If Christ were here today, what would he say to me?

“A few years ago two elders had the task of approaching a man in their church who was in an adulterous relationship. On their way to the man’s home, one elder said to the other, “Do you believe that you too could fall into this sin? The reply was “No.” The elder who asked the question then said, “You are not qualified to approach this man” – the visit was canceled.” (Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall)

  • If I were honest about the choices I make, would I consider myself better than others? Would Christ?
  • Am I deceived enought to believe I could not fall into the sin I recognize in someone else?

“Last New Year’s Eve I was asked about my resolutions for the upcoming year. My response was “I am resolving to learn how to die.” Only when we are willing to die to ourselves will Christ fully live in us. This is the challenge to all who wrestle with God. Are you willing?” (God-Wrestling by Mike Evans)

Do I have a New Year’s resolution for 2008? Not yet, but by the time I make one I think I might have already accomplished a few things and learned a lot about God and myself in the process.

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