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When God wants our attention!

January 2, 2008

Stuck in the Snow

When was the last time God tried and succeeded at getting your attention?

I admit, that last weekend I ran away, from God, from people, from me, from life. I had had enough. The holidays were wrapping up, I had four days off of work, and I saw the perfect opportunity to escape. You know the saying “look before you leap”? Well…..I didn’t!

After getting stuck in the snow, being buried as more snow came down, and being left isolated and alone, God had my attention. The next time I want to run away from God, I need to remember that he is the creator of the universe, the owner of the planet, the ultimate weather man, and he knows and sees all. How can you run away from someone who knows everything? How can you run away when he has decided enough is enough and it is time to talk!

Snow Storm
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