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I think I am full, but full of what?

January 15, 2008

Not long ago many of us sat around a house or a table and ate more food than we needed to. With our stomachs full there was a sense of satisfaction because a need had been answered, but what was that need? Over the last two and a half weeks I have completed 6 books, started three others, listened to many sermons and a book on tape. My mind is full, but the question is full of what? Has another need been met? What need? Am I “full” of theory or fact? Fiction or truth? Good or bad? Life or death?

Every day we go through life with different needs. Some we are aware of, but others we aren’t. Those needs drive us, lead us, affect our desires, our dreams, our values, out thoughts, and our actions. When we are aware of those things that fill us we can make a conscious choice about how they will affect us. Sometimes we are open to that, and other times we may deny the influence they have. “I can watch these movies, the content won’t affect me!” What is the influence of the needs that we don’t recognize or are not aware of? Can those needs hurt us?

We are constantly faced with choices, in fact we are faced with so many choices that many of them are things we don’t even consciously pay attention to? When your left leg is uncomfortable do you consciously ask if you should move it? No, but your mind has to make a decision about whether it will or will not move. We can be trained to answer or respond in certain ways. Based on the family and culture you grew up in there are thoughts, beliefs, values, and patterns that you possess and incorporate into your life that are different than mine. You have a choice right now, a choice that you either will or will not respond to, a choice to seek understanding, or not to.  Taking no action really means you are choosing not to act. Will you take action, or are you going to stay where you are and who you are right now? Are you willing to take a look inside, a look at what your needs are? Are you willing to ask what your needs say about you, your relationship with others, and your relationship with God? Are you willing to ask God to help you see the needs you might be blind to? Are you willing to ask how those needs influence you?

The choice is up to you!

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