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Prayer begins with an assumption

January 16, 2008

When you pray what do you think about? What action do you take? What attitude do you hold? Do you begin with an assumption? If so, what is it?

Dan Allender believes prayer does start with an assumption. “Prayer begins with the assumption that the intimate, all-knowing God knows every thought and intent of the heart before it is conceived or spoken. Prayer does not inform God; rather it draws us into his presence and invites him into our life. Prayer is involvement through the spoken word. In that sense, prayer of any kind and about any subject delights God’s heart. The Lord desires for us to want him, adore him, thank him, need him, love him. To ask God to reveal, confirm, instruct, guide, heal, bless, convict, or comfort invites him to enter our situation and accomplish what he desires.”

Do you enter into prayer looking for answers, or looking for relationship? I think God is delighted to give us answers, but what he wants most is to know us, be with us, and share with us. My goal is to change the way I pray. I desire to move away from always asking “will you” or “please” and start asking “how can we share together” or “what do you want Lord”. Lord, I recognize my selfishness and my past practices of informing you what I want and need rather than sharing in true relationship with you. I want to know you, to share with you, and to hear about and see your heart. Help me to change. Show me what type of a relationship you want Lord. I want to be a woman who seeks you with all she is and has.

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