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Is your church a battleship or a cruiseship?

January 18, 2008
Battleship Missouri

I have been reading the book Culture Shift by Robert Lewis and Wayne Cordeiro. In the chapter I read earlier today one of the authors discussed the differences between a battleship and a cruiseship. This led me to think about my church and how it functions.

On a battleship everyone has a role and knows what that role is. Everyone does their part. They work both as individuals, but also as a part of teams, and together they form the overall team of the ship crew. A cruise ship is made up of passengers and a crew. The passengers expect to be assisted, waited on, served, and even pampered while the crew has to work extra hard to make sure all the needs of both the ship and the passengers are met.

Is our church a battleship or a cruiseship? Does everyone have a role and are they performing in that role, or are the many being served by the few who are having to work extra hard? If your church is a cruiseship, what are ways you could be a part of helping it move more toward being a battleship?

If we are a family that is in battle against an enemy who wants to stop us and waylay us from our mightiest goals we are not going to be very successful if we have a cruiseship mentality. Churches should be a place where everyone has a role, everyone is on call, and everyone is giving all they have for the greater team!

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