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Reflections of God

January 22, 2008

“When others hurt us, it becomes a reflection on God. If we risk entering a community that claims access to God and we find ourselves betrayed in the process, it becomes the fastest way to beomce a practical atheist. If religion can bring us to God, it can certainly take us from him. ” (Soul Cravings by Erwin Raphael McManus)

All of us are hurt by others. We are part of a world of imperfect people and it is certain we will experience broken relationships and unpleasant circumstances with others. Even the church is filled with broken people, personal agendas, frazzled tempers, shortcomings, failures, and pain. So, how can we keep from hurting others relationship with God?

McManus says “If religion can bring us to God, it can certainly take us from him.” My first reaction is to think poorly of “religion”, but I think his point is that if there are things which have drawn us to knowledge of and relationship with Christ, there are also things that could drive us away. How do you balance those things to stay attentive and involved in your relationship with God instead of depending on the programs, props, and others that are a part of your community? What is your reflection of God built on….a relationship you have built where you spend time directly with God, on your own inner feelings (good or bad), or on a series of relationships built with imperfect humans who may have hurt you along the way? Which one do you think matches God’s heart?

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