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Meeting God face-to-face

January 25, 2008

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet God face to face? I have been reading a book called The Shack by William P. Young. In the book the main character, Mack is faced with exactly that opportunity.

“He now faced another dilemma. What should you do when you come to the door of a house, or cabin in this case, where God might be? Should you knock? Presumably God already knew that Mack was there. Maybe he ought to simply walk in and introduce himself but that seemed equally absurd. And how should he address him? Should he call him Father, or Almighty One, or perhaps Mr. God, and would it be best if he fell down and worshipped, not that he was really in the mood.”

What is the image you have of God, and how would you respond if you found out you were wrong? Do you picture him as old? What if he appeared as a teenager? Do you picture him as male? What if she appeared as a woman? Do you picture him as Caucasian? What if he appeared as middle eastern, black, Asian, or Latino?

If you could talk to God face to face what do you think the conversation would be like? Would you sit down to a cup of coffee or a meal or would you stand in bowed reverence before a king on a throne only speaking when you were spoken to? Would the conversation be full of authority and order, or humility and grace? Would you feel at peace and calm in God’s presence, or overwhelmed and awestruck?

God desires to meet us face-to-face, but to do that would so overwhelm most of us that we could not take it. He presents himself to us in a way we can understand and comprehend without limiting himself by coming to us in that way. Even though we do not meet God face-to-face every day we are not limited in our relationship with him. Know that you can approach God with confidence and that he hears your every thought and prayer.

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