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Priorities: a pyramid or a circle?

January 30, 2008

For the last several years I have been processing how to reconcile my beliefs about priorities. Often when we talk about priorities we think of a hierarchy. As Christian we should be putting God at the top, and everything else falls under it. The problem is God wants to be our life, our whole life, so where does God stop as your first priority? If he guides our relationships, our decisions about work, our heart for ministry, etc. then where does he stop and where do family, friends, work, ministry, and personal issues start?

I am learning there is another way to look at priorities. If we put God at the center, then he can be a part of everything that makes up our life. We no longer need to stop having God as a priority, or make him second. Instead, he becomes the central focus of all we are and all we do. He isn’t absent from our relationships, our jobs, or our homes, but instead becomes a guide that resets our priorities and moves in our heart and soul in ways that inspire and change us. Rather than living by priorities and structure it opens the door for us to flow, grow, and breathe freely within the unique facets that make up each of our lives.

Priority circle and pyramid

The shift from seeing God as someone who asks us to live up to standards to a loving partner who invites us into relationship sounds inviting, but I am realizing as I move forward down this path that it is shaking up everything I have known and believed my entire life. Sometimes I feel like I am holding on for dear life in the middle of this earthquake, but then again the fog, haze, and pollution of the toxic beliefs and lies is starting to clear and what I am seeing is so beautiful. I can’t wait to learn more.

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