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Singles in a world of couples

February 10, 2008

Today at church as I was greeting someone new the standard question came up, “Are you married?” Nope. “Kids?” Nope. Then there is often a strange silence while the married person tries to figure out what that means. Can a 39 year old really be single with no kids and still be healthy and happy? Yes!!!

Our world, even in the church, is very marriage or couple oriented. As a single I struggle to know how to relate to women who have priorities of husbands and kids, men who are trying to respect their wives and don’t want to share and get real, and families when I am alone. Most married people are not quite sure how to embrace relationship with an adult single, and yet a significant part of the church and world is now single.

How can churches embrace, serve, support, and encourage singles more effectively? Often they are referred to a singles ministry, but those usually only exist in larger churches. I attend a smaller church that is a two year old plant that I am very committed to, but I struggle to find meaningful relationships that meet my need for companionship, accountability, and support. Are churches teaching, creating programs, and doing things to support singles as effectively as they do marriages and families?

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