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Heart knowledge

February 13, 2008

I have been raised in a Christian environment all my life. I have a base knowledge that means I know a lot of the standard answers to the standard questions. I can tell you what it means to be a Christian, what it means to follow, historical facts about the religion, cultural things about biblical times, and many traits of God’s character.

I believe I have more than head knowledge about God. I believe I have heart knowledge, but right there is the problem. I have heart “knowledge”. I analytically know something with my heart, but what I am not sure I have is a heart understanding of relationship. What is a relationship with God? Many would say it is about reading our Bible, spending time with God, going to church, worshipping, serving, and loving. If my relationship with my friend is about reading email, calling on the phone, spending time, seeing the person, and nothing more I am missing something. Those things are about “doing”. If our relationship is all about “doing” a series of specific actions but we are not present in the relationship in a way where we are “being” then are we really in relationship?

Many in our world have a relationship with God where they are “doing” all the right things, but I want to learn to “be” in relationship with God, not just “do” it. It is a journey that few seem to know about but it is one that I am finding rich in blessings when I am actually able to move forward along the difficult and uncut path.

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