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Encouraging videos on faith subjects

February 14, 2008

With what I would classify as a downhill slide on the three main cable networks over the last few months I have spent a lot more time online and have found a new interest in streaming media. (I won’t pay for cable so I only get the three main networks via antenna.) Years ago I started collecting videos so I could control what I watched when, and this new technology allows that same advantage.

Recently I stumbled across some powerful videos provided by City on the Hill Productions. H20 A Journey of Faith is a collection of 10 videos you can preview on line and purchase to be used for presentation to an audience along with a discussion time. These videos have a very powerful message.

A description from Amazon is as follows:
H2O is a DVD-driven, ten-session experience designed to create a safe atmosphere where people are comfortable considering the person of Jesus Christ. Through high-definition video, H2O uses carfefully crafted storytelling to reach a media-savvy generation. This H2O library contains everything needed to plan and host the program: Ten episodes on 3 DVDs / Participant’s Guide Leader Training and Resource DVD Sample invitations, poster, and postcard STORM-a ten DVD series that helps answer the tough questions about God, creating, the Bible, Jesus, suffering, prayer, Satan, afterlife, and questions about questions.

If this description interests you go online and preview the 7 minute trailer at

or at

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