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What inspires you?

March 8, 2008
Oregon Coast

I have been thinking about inspiration a lot lately. I found I was able to name and recognize things that were not inspiring me and even robbing me of inspiration in life, but I was having a hard time finding inspiration. I have been at a place where I have been very disillusioned about some things in my life, even to the point of questioning my beliefs about Christianity. It is not that I doubt God or that my beliefs about God or Christ have changed, but rather I have been so disillusioned through the hurtful and unfaithful actions taken by some around me who claim to follow Christ that I have found myself cynical about how Christians live their lives and have not wanted to be a part of that. I honestly understand how some people can walk away from the church.

Today I had the painful but awesome experience of going to the funeral of my uncle. He passed away this week due to a massive heart attack during a basketball game. His death has been shocking to family and friends, but I found today inspirational. When I saw my uncle a few months ago I could clearly see God working in his life. Learning more about his story of faith today and exactly how passionate he was for God was inspiring. He was a man who was truly transformed by God, and he lived to give God glory. He loved God and those in his life very deeply. I want to be someone like him.

Today brought me more clarity about where I find inspiration. My greatest inspiration really comes from God. Nothing brings me more joy, hope, and peace. Solomon, the wisest man in history tried to find inspiration and direction in all sorts of places and things, but after all he tried, he came back to saying that everything but God was meaningless. I know that I want a life where I can look at anything less than God and say it is meaningless. I want to invest in people with a deep and intimate passionate and a love that has no limits.

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