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Looking for discipline

March 12, 2008

Last week students at a local middle school north of Seattle conducted a pre-planned walkout to protest inadequate discipline. The students said they feel unsafe and want harsher penalties for drug use and fighting. “They asked administrators to dole out tougher and more equitable punishments”.

Student Protest

The guys at Floating Axhead recently posted an entry called “Viral Evangelism” where they said, “Somewhere along the way we decided it was easier to be a pew potato – a consumer-for-Christ – than to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).” In a further comment Michael continued on by saying “i just think it’s too hard. i think the “church” has a desire for it but people lack the willingness on both sides for participation. unlike serving somewhere, where you may not have to know anything but just have an enthusiasm and a smile, the discipleship of the bible takes discipline…a god-placed obedience.”

A group of middle school students is protesting their school in order to have their basic rights of safety and security met. It leaves me wondering if Christians are making their need for the basic rights of spiritual discipline known to the church. Are Christians expressing their needs to the church? Are people in church gatherings asking for quality teaching, Godly direction, and discipleship training? Maybe we should be asking each other the question the students asked the adults, “Are you going to help us change?”

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  1. March 13, 2008 5:13 am

    Great post and analogy – and thanks for the shout out.

    I think some church goers are saying that – see Willow Creek. A lot of people are saying, yes I want to take personal responsibility for my relationship with God, but I need help getting there.

    We go to a megachurch that is considered the most innovative in America. We’ve got all kinds of things to attract the unchurched and under-churched, including a great worship experience. The front-end is great.

    Now we need to put the same amount of resources or more on the back-end to ensure we are truly leading/becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

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