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Being thanked for being faithful

March 24, 2008
Connected people

 Last night I attended a preview service for a new church plant that is starting near my home. The pastor and his family have been connected with my church for the last few months as they have been preparing to plant their new church. I showed up in time for the service, but not early enough to help out with setup, but I stayed afterwards to help clean up.

As I was assisting with tear down and clean up the wife looked at me and said thank you. She said, “I know you say it is no big deal, but to us it is and it is such a huge blessing. Not only are you pitching in to help out, but you are filled with positive energy and that is so good to have around.”

I feel like I am missing something. Isn’t this how the church is supposed to be? Aren’t we supposed to give, support, encourage, uplift, and care for one another? Aren’t we supposed to be filled with joy and positive energy? It feels wrong to be thanked for living by God’s standards and guidance and seeking to have meaningful and connected relationships with others. I guess it is so foreign in this world that we forget this is what God’s way truly looks like. That makes me really sad!

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  1. Lori permalink
    April 9, 2008 1:11 pm

    As the Body we are to encourage and uplift. Because we are flesh, we innately desire to receive kuddos. Think about how hard it would be to help or serve if not one person EVER gave any uplife or encouraging feedback. Are we suppose to be that way – no, we are to serve not man, but God, however, we are human, fallen prey to sin, it is this sin that we combat every day. It is a blessing that you recognize this and can apply it! I’ll be back!

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