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Skilled or filled?

March 24, 2008

“We may become competent and skilled. We may achieve position and significant-looking roles. We do stuff – maybe even impressive stuff. But, because we are constantly pursuing power and authority, and manipulating to gain control. God can never release us into our future. Our relational sadness, our inability to be loved, our festering wounds and broken relationships freeze us in immaturity. Without humilty, we continue to miss the train that takes us into God’s intention for our destiny.” (from Truefaced by Thrall, McNicol, and Lynch)

Spiritual gifts

When we live in good intentions we try to do thing under our own power. We can become competent and skilled. I think many church leaders fall into this category. They have skills and can make things work, but they are looking to lead programs and people by pursing power and authority and leading through their own control and ideas.

Over the last three months I have been taught about grace. For the first time in my life I know what it means to live in God’s grace, to be the person he has made me to be, and to see what a life of living in relational grace with others really looks like. When we surrender our control to God and let him release us to our future the world becomes a new place. Every day becomes an exciting adventure where we get to see God work, lead, guide, and create. We get to grow, mature, and live. I wish I had words to express the difference. I feel more alive today than I think I ever have. It isn’t an emotional high like what can happen after a great conference or experience, but instead is a deepseated heartfelt knowledge that I see, believe, and interact differently with the world.

Are you living as a competent and skilled person with good intentions, or are you seeking to live and walk in the grace that God offers us and to allow him work through you, using his gifts instead of yours?

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    For added texture consider “Living in the Wide Openness of Life” @


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