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Irrelevant theology or maybe it’s my reality?

April 14, 2008

Irrelevant shadow

I was listening to a sermon this morning where the pastor referred to a book that really impacted me, Believing God by Beth Moore. In that book one of the things Beth is trying to do is help people close the gap between their theology and their reality. It lead me to look up others who might have something to say on this topic. I came across this quote by Mark Batterson of National Community Church, “We know Scripture, but we’re out of touch with the times. The end result is a gap between theology and reality called irrelevance.”

Irrelevance is define as “the quality or state of being unrelated to a matter being considered”. I have been pondering all day if my theology or my reality (or worse both) are irrelevant. Mark’s quote says it is the gap between the two, but if the premise you start from, the premise your foundation is built on is wrong to start with it is all going to be irrelevant.

There are 168 hours in each week, how are you spending that time? Is your life relevant or irrelevant? How does it match your theology? (I know mine needs a lot of work right now, but I am making some really hard decisions right now in pursuit of changing that.) 

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