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Riding the curves of life

April 19, 2008

Snow April 18th in Seattle


Last Saturday Seattle enjoyed unprecidented 80 degree weather. Spring was fully upon us and both people and plants were bursting forth to come alive after the dark and wet winter months. Six days later Seattle has been inundated with rain, hail, and up to 10 inches of snow in some areas. We are in shock and everyone is reverting back into our warm, cozy, and safe environments.

Life sometimes throws us curve balls just like the weather does. We experience good times and settle into a period of comfort only to have things change quickly and we are left reeling trying to catch up. Our responses to this can sometimes make the situations even more difficult. We can blame others, blame God, get angry, try to solve things on our own, pull into our caves of safety, shut others out, and put up walls.

What does scripture say we should do during these times? Do we even think about God’s word and his ways when unplanned for events comes our way? I want to learn to think about God and his word at these times but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to retrain years of living life a different way.

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