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We are God’s temple

April 24, 2008

God\'s Temple Today

This morning I listened to Francis Chan of Cornerstone Community Church in a sermon titled The Purpose of the Church describe how we are to be a unified body of believers. Here were a few the key points of his thought pattern.

  • God created people to be in relationship to him.
  • His word describes not just relationship with God individually, but how he has relationship with the Israelites as a people group/culture/nation.
  • In Old Testament times God’s people went to the temple to have close connection and relationship with him.
  • Jesus came and changed the model so God dwells with his people, and his people are all who believe, not just the Israelite nation.
  • At Jesus’ death God moved from the temple building into our hearts and we are now God’s temple.
  • Now God’s people can have close relationship with God both individually, and also corporately through relationship with each other.

God’s word often speaks of a corporate “you” that American churches and Christians try to interpret as a singular “you”. How would changing that understanding affect your relationships, ministries, and worship? If we view every other believer as both an image of God, and as a place to see and interact with God how would that change things?

What would it take for you to adjust your beliefs to God’s biblical standard for how he is calling us to relate to both him and others?

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