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Living up to God’s standards

April 28, 2008

Over at Floating Axhead there has been a discussion about God’s standards and living up to them. Avery posted a response that contained this:

How will we know the standard unless

a. we believe one exists
b. we are willing to correct to the standard
c. we are willing to look to God when we fail for assistance

The results would be unity, clarity, growth, and grace

He continued on to say, “So the culture must believe their is some standard to live up to, or they wouldn’t call anyone a hypocrite…Why then does the culture know their is a standard and the church doesn’t”.

His comments made me draw a sharp breath. My experience seems to match what he is saying and yet I know that it shouldn’t, it is not God’s plan. Why is it that there are so many interpretations of what God’s standard are and yet as a church we seem to failing at all of them? Following Christ is hard, I admit that, but is it really this hard?

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  1. Lori permalink
    April 29, 2008 7:16 am

    I know when I am out in public(and in church)I have issues with the way women dress and [much of the time] act. It is NOT how God intended for us, as women, to represent Him. I also know if I do that I am giving my time to the enemy. The more time I focus on how they shouldn’t dress, the more time I focus on THEIR actions (which by the way, I’ve learned I can’t change ;)) the more time I’m taking away from praising, thanking, focusing on God. I have to make a conscience effort to NOT focus on others. They are going to be judged themselves on the appointed day. Just pray for them – unless it is something the Word tells you to keep them accountable for. Just rambling – hope it helped! Luvs!

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