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A life that requires faith

July 2, 2008

A few years ago I shared a small office with a man at work. Every once in a while he would close the office door and turn his chair toward me. I came to recognize this stance meant he wanted to ask me spiritual questions. He wasn’t a Christian, but in his own words he “probably would be a Christian if it wasn’t for all the hypocrisy he saw in people who attended church.”

A couple months ago I was given a question that has lead to some big change in my life. I have often wondered how I would have answered if Carl had asked me this question.

“You say you are a Christian. What in your life requires faith and causes you to need God?”

I realized I really wasn’t living in a way that required faith at all. On my own power I could pay my bills, provide for myself, make decisions that kept me safe, take care of my health, plan for my future, etc. I realized how much “I” was in control, and how I wasn’t walking in the spirit.

What are you doing in your life that requires faith? Are you living in a way that you need God, or are you living only on the skills and gifts God has given you and those around you?

(**Warning: Answering this question may bring change to your life!)

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