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A shift in foundation

July 12, 2008
Building a foundation

Building a foundation

My foundation shifted this week. Living in Washington I have experienced several earthquakes. They can be pretty unsettling and confusing, but I find the personal earthquakes we experience when our beliefs, values, or ethics are challenged or changed much more unsettling.

I was speaking with a friend this week who has been walking through a very difficult situation involving abuse. We were talking about how struggles and difficulties affect our faith in God. She said she has learned a lot through this and is still learning but a shift came for her when she stopped long enough to ask “Why?”, then she asked “Why wouldn’t God let me suffer and go through this? Look at all the suffering those in other parts of the world experience, why should I be exempt?”

Time stopped for me at that point. “Why shouldn’t God allow us to struggle? Why shouldn’t God let bad things happen to us? Why shouldn’t I experience pain, difficulties, loss, and grief? Why shouldn’t I have a life with as much strife as someone in a third world country?”

I haven’t quite made it past this yet. I asked some friends to pray for me this week as I was going through some changes and I felt a need for the details to come together. So often I pray for the circumstantial things in others lives, wanting the outward things to come together and make sense. Maybe what we really should be praying is for the inward things to change, and opening ourselves up to whatever circumstantial means God deems necessary to change us. If God believes I need to struggle, suffer, or experience difficulties so that I can be more like him, understand him more, walk closer with him, or love others in deeper and better ways…..than I want my response to be Bring It On!

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