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Seeing our town as a mission field

July 18, 2008

Tomorrow I am moving to the most unchurched part of America. I am moving there to become part of the core community that will plant a church, however as I have prayed about it my conviction is this change is about more than just being involved in a church on Sunday morning, it is about living as a part of Christ’s Church all week long. I have been thinking and praying a lot about that and about what my life might look like as I pursue that goal.

Often in America we think of the mission field as being something overseas. We forget that there are people in our communities that need God’s love, truth, love, compassion, grace, and mercy exhibited to them. We forget that Christ calls us to be examples in all we say and do.

If you were to see your town as a mission field what would you do to learn, reach out, and make an impact? It might be something you can do alone, or you might need to partner with others. Here are a few ideas I have been thinking about.

  • Go on prayer walks through the community
  • Look for random acts of kindness I can participate in every day as I am in the community
  • Have eye contact with people, especially those that seem to view themselves as unlovable or uncared for (these people might be the hardest to get eye contact with)
  • Contact local organizations to see how I can support, encourage, and bless them (for me that will likely be student organizations or schools, for others it might specialize with the elderly, mothers-to-be, homeless, single parent homes, etc.)
  • Find out where the orphans, widows, and those without families are located. Network to help these people connect and find places they are accepted and cared for.

Are you viewing your community as an intentional place where you can serve and reflect Christ? If not, why not? Don’t wait around for others to invite you, get started today!

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