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Sin and repentance

October 29, 2008

When our “repentance” functions in isolation rather than in community, it almost always indicates that we remain more concerned about personal appearances than the resolution of sin. We don’t want people to think we are ungodly – to think less of us. The fact that our sin remains hidden from others proves we still favor presenting a nicely packaged life to others, while keeping sin quasi-managed and submerged. Yet, genuine repentance desires to resolve anything and everything about our sin. No cover, no posturing, just pure repentance. God built that desire into the gift. (TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Burce McNicol, and John Lynch)

How do you view sin and repentance? When you repent of sin does it happen in isolation, or does your sin and/or repentance get revealed to anyone. If we are serious about moving away from sin and pursuing purity shouldn’t there be a willingness to let our sin and especially the movement away from sin be seen by others (I am not saying we need to make it publically known to everyone)?

How serious are you about pursuing holiness and moving away from sin in your life? Are you serious enough to take risks to let your sin, brokenness, and repentance be known?

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