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From the Inside Out

November 10, 2008

A few weeks ago I had a tree taken down. As I watched the workmen I thought of all the trees that will come down over the next few months. The winds, water, snow, ice, and many other weather elements will wear on the trees and one by one some of them will bend, break, and topple. Some of them will shatter and splinter, others will be uprooted, and some will just lean slowly over until they are down.

Our lives can be compared to these trees. Some of us or those around us will bend, break and topple in the near future. Some will shatter and splinter. Some will be uprooted, and some will just lean over. One of the keys for trees and humans is what is on the inside. A tree may look very healthy on the outside, and it may even bear fruit or leaves that appear to be healthy, but inside it can be rotting away. Many people’s lives are similar to the tree. They appear healthy, successful, and even happy on the outside, but what is really inside is empty, broken, and rotting away.

What is your life filled with? Is it filled with life, hope, promise, and purpose found in living for God, or is it rotting away due to stress, disobedience, lack of faith, and living for yourself? You have a choice today, who are you going to live for today? Tomorrow you can ask the question again, but for now, just take things one day at a time.

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