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Are we cheapening Christ?

November 18, 2008

I haven’t been posting much lately. It isn’t because I don’t have things to post, but actually because I can’t organize my thoughts enough to post. My mind has been so full with thoughts, dreams, things I am learning and musing about. Words don’t always come easily to me so sometimes it is tough to put them into writing.

One of the things heavily on my heart and mind lately is about how we cheapen Christianity, faith, Jesus, God, and the Church. I have been struck by how many times I am just like the hypocrite I get upset at.

I just finished reading A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren. This quote struck me, “I may have a personal home, personal car, personal computer, personal identification number, personal digital assistant, personal hot tub-all in need now is personal salvation for my own personal savior.  I hope I’m not offending you-it is all strikes me as Christianity diced through the modern Veg-o-matic.”

How many ways do we misrepresent God, his Word, and his heart? How many times do we do certain actions because they are “right” but our heart behind doing them is completely wrong? How many times do we say we will do something and not follow through?

James say, “Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” (1:22). I have been taking that to God daily lately (and need to for the rest of my life). Am I deceiving myself and thinking I am living by the word? Am I really doing what it says? Am I doing what it says because my heart truly desires to follow God’s ways, or just because I know it is the way Christian’s should behave?

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