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Christian heritage, culture, or lifestyle?

November 24, 2008


I have a dear friend who I met when she was in Junior High and I worked for the school system. She and I used to spend a lot of time talking and on-line chatting. I even spent time at her home and got to know her family fairly well. One of the things we would talk about were the differences in our beliefs and culture. She is Jewish. Her family is Jewish by heritage. Her lifestyle was Jewish by culture. When she was in school I would not have described her as being Jewish by belief. Last year I had the privilege to attend her wedding. Again I could see the Jewish heritage and culture, but this time I could see how her beliefs have grown and changed and how her Jewish beliefs were now a part of her life in many ways.

Christianity in America is very similar to what I witnessed in my friend. Many of us have been raised in Christian homes where we have been raised with a heritage. We have been raised in a culture that has Christian beliefs, language, and practices spread throughout and incorporated into our daily lives. We can speak the language, walk the walk, tell the stories, and repeat the histories. We know the information and facts about Christianity. We have memorized scriptures, attended and even worked in churches, and claim to shape our lives around our Christian beliefs. There is a problem though. We are trying to fit Christianity into our lifestyle, rather than changing our lives to be like Christ.

Can you answer honestly in your heart that you are living a Christian lifestyle not because of a heritage you have been raised with or a culture you have been a part of? Do you have beliefs that go beyond the surface? Do you really want to live a Christian lifestyle? Do you really want to live your beliefs? If you say yes, how is it going to change your life? Your decisions? Your actions? Your commitments?

Are you willing to pay the price to follow, or is the price too high?

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