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Believing Lies

November 25, 2008

“How trustworthy are the messages we get from our world each day?  I want to suggest to you that many, if not most, are extremely dangerous and will destroy our lives if we live by them.  Unfortunately, we are so brainwashed into believing these lies, minute by minute, day by day, that they not only appear harmless, but also true.” (The Lies We Believe by Chris Thurman)

All of us believe things in life that aren’t true. We do not do it purposely, in fact often we are not even aware we are believing these lies. Lies come from our distorted beliefs, family practices, self-protective behavior, egotistical or ethnocentric beliefs, and even from our culture.

What is it that you might believe that isn’t true? Can you name anything? How would your life be different if you changed just one of your beliefs and choose to start believing the truth?

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