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Do we care about our own lives?

January 7, 2009

A few days ago I ate lunch at a local area restaurant while my car was being repaired. Signs outside described the food in this establishment as “best”, and during my time there I saw numerous people come and go both eating in the establishment and taking food to go. All the outward signs were that this was a good place to eat, however in my experience it was some of the worst food I have eaten. The part that really disturbed me is that I had the freedom to walk out of the restaurant without eating the meal, but I didn’t leave and I didn’t see anyone else express displeasure with the food.

• How often do we put up with things that are not good? Good for us…..uplifting….life giving….caring toward others
• What signs and information do we believe? Are we naïve in what we trust? Are we untrusting?
• Who determines what terms like “best”, “safe”, “healthy”, “loving”, and “positive” means?
• Do we go along with the flow and believe something is acceptable or permissible because we see or hear of others that do it?
• Are we so desensitized that we are willing to put up with things that are substandard, unhealthy, or even destructive?

These questions may not mean a lot when they apply to one bad meal, but what if you ask these same questions about your physical health, your safety, your work environment, your church, or your eternal life?

How much do you care about what happens in your life every day?

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