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Personal faith trainer (AKA discipleship)

June 2, 2009


“Faith is hard work. One of the negatives of the modern church is that it has taught an easy believe-ism. We are saved by faith, not by belief, in the church today, many people think they’re saved by right beliefs. Faith is different from belief. I believe a lot of things that don’t impact my day-to-day living. I believe in exercise. I have no doubt that people live longer and are healthier if they exercise. Many of us believe in exercise, but believing is not the same as doing. I need a personal trainer to turn my belief into faith.” (unLearning Church by Michael Slaughter, p105)

“Through encouragement, demonstration, and faith a personal trainer promotes personal discipline for the purpose of achieving desired results. Spiritual leaders are in the business of faith development. Their purpose is to provoke personal discipline to achieve God’s desired results. I’m a teacher to the overall church, but a personal trainer is someone able, as the name implies, to personalize training for each of the needs in an individual’s life, often in the context of a group of about ten.” (unLearning Church by Michael Slaughter, p100)

I too need a personal trainer to turn my belief into faith. Belief in God is not enough, I must have faith. It starts with belief, but it involves more. Faith involves knowledge, a fear of God, a submitted will, and a teachable spirit. It involves living a life of discipline. Our churches are full of ministry leaders, Sunday School teachers, and vision casters, but how would our church look different if we were filled with personal faith trainers that were lifting others up and guiding them to live a life for God? I think it is time for a different model in our churches or we will continue to be mixed up, misguided, unfaithful, lukewarm people. It is time for a change, and I want to be a part of it!

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