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A question of purpose

June 3, 2009

I am sitting at a coffee shop reading and thinking this morning. A student seated next to me asked me for assistance on a paper a few minutes ago, she needed a word or thought to get started on a paper. The thought I gave her was PURPOSE.

What is your purpose? What are you living for today? What purpose shapes your life?

Whatever your purpose is it is shaping how you view life and others. It is leading you in how you relate to others, conduct your work, care for your body, achieve goals in life, and how you view God. Does you purpose relate to God?

God woke you up today and gave you another day of life. He choose to leave you here on this earth for another day. What are you doing with it? Will you live today for him? For others? Or will your decisions, actions, time, and resources be only about you? Last night I went to a local social service agency and gave of my time to help others. When I got home I saw an online post from someone else who talked about hanging out with friends, eating, and watching kids play. He said, how could life be better… thought, it could be about more than just us. I hope his purpose was to be actively and intimately involved in people’s lives, and not to just hang out. What is your purpose for today?

(She just asked me for another word…..this time I gave her JOY. Where are you finding joy today? Is it earthly joy, or the joy of the Lord?…….I love conversations like this with people!)

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