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Peter: a life transformed

June 4, 2009

In John 18:1-27 we can read the story of Jesus being arrested and crucified. Often we focus on all that Jesus experienced and gave up during these passages, but have you ever really taken a look at Peter?

When Peter pulls out the sword in front of all the Roman soldiers he takes a dangerous action. This was consistent with his character of being bold, impulsive, courageous, and having amazing moments of faith. However in verse 17 Peter’s character changes and he denies Christ. Something radically changed in the heart and mid of Peter after the garden. Instead of being bold, impulsive, courageous, and faithful he is shaken, uncertain, and actually denies Christ.

We have to turn to another book for some other information. In Luke 22:31-32 we find Jesus saying,  “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked me to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” Christ knew what would happen to Peter and was predicting a transformation was about to occur. He told Peter that he would turn back after being shifted, and then encouraged him to use what happens to strengthen others.

Similar to Peter Jesus loves you enough that he will allow you to come into situations that are beyond yourself, beyond your knowledge and abilities so you will stop, surrender, and give up your own strength and power. Christ was bringing Peter to the end of his will so he would surrender it. Peter was likely saying “I don’t know any other way to follow and be a Christian”. The breakthrough moment for Peter’s change was when he dropped his boldness and his will and ultimately learned how to do it Christ’s way. When Peter comes to that moment of brokenness Christ begins to rebuild him and make him into the man he will be.  When he came to the end of himself he was able to see Jesus in new ways and be transformed.

Have you ever been taken to a place where God is bringing you to that place of brokenness? Have you let go of your will and your way and surrendered to Christ? Have you come to a point of seeing Jesus in new ways and being transformed? Is so, what does your changed life look like?

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