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Learning to pray differently

June 5, 2009

God has me at a place right now where I am learning deeply. Yesterday as I began to pray I found myself stilled and I couldn’t speak because the prayer I was about to say was about something going on in my life. I was about to pray about me, God showed me that it isn’t about me but about him.

I am learning that prayer is about God, seeing him glorified, and seeing his will be done. Prayer is about releasing his power to do work to bring him glory. So often I get caught up in my circumstances, but Romans says that all things work for the good of those who believe. If I believe that (which I do) then my circumstances are not what is important, but God’s plan and his glory is the goal.

God is changing me, refining me, turning my heart. I want to be a strong person but I want to be strong in Godly character and not strong willed. I am learning how to not only have a mind that wants to submit to God, but a heart and life that act on that thought. God is so amazingly good! He changes us even when we don’t realize it is happening.

God, continue to teach me to pray not for my circumstances, but for your glory. Teach me to submit my mind, heart, soul, strength…my all to you. Make me into the person of character you want me to be!

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