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Obedience: A process of learning truth

June 11, 2009

“God will never reveal more truth about Himself until you have obeyed what you know already.” ~ Oswald Chambers

I have been reflecting lately on what I know about God, his character, and his ways, and what I still need to learn. Actually, more the fact that there are still things I do need to learn. Chambers quote above infers that we will learn piece by piece and can’t speed through the learning process since it builds on itself. In all the work I have done with others who are learning and growing along their faith journey I have found this to be true. We can try to force feed them information, but until what they are already chewing on is put into action in their lives they don’t have room for the next bite.

The quote refers to our process of maturing and learning about God’s truth. We can’t know it all at once. We have to learn it bit by bit. If that is true, then you may be at a different place on that journey than I am on, but as long as we are still on the journey we need to give each other grace, be patient, and treat our brothers and sisters with love and encouragement. We may stumble and fall, and some steps may take us longer to obey, but we will all get there as we look at this as a journey together.

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