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Learning about a God that is real

June 12, 2009

mistyOne of the sites I frequent is Devog -Daily Devotional Blog.

Today’s devotional struck my heart with the concept of how we communicate the gospel and our faith to others and how we need to reach people where they are at.

“We take all that God does for us for granted. We are spoiled acting like we have some sort of entitlement. So we reduce God’s message to telling everyone that they are going to Hell and need a Savior. But the truth is people are hurting, dying, incomplete and disillusioned. They would do anything to learn about a God that is real. Sure, we must share the saving message of the gospel, but if we are going to win a generation then they also need to know about all the great things God is doing.”

You can check out the entire entry at

“Let’s begin to pay more attention to God at work around us and start to share with those we know, God’s glorious deeds, power and mighty wonders.” Remember we are in this for his glory, not ours.  It is all about him!

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