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There are only 1% totally honest and sincere people in the world

June 13, 2009

logoI read this yesterday in an article posted on the AidWorkers Network, a free service set up to enable aid workers to share practical advice and resources with each other. Currently there are over 18,000 members.

“The research we carried out indicates that there are only 1% totally honest and sincere people in the world who strive to maintain truth and Justice. This article is to make them aware of the atrocities that prevent people from having peace and a message to awaken them to realize that it is their responsibility to increase the % of honest people in the world and make it a peaceful place.” (By Sunimal Alles of The TIDY Center (Talents Identification and Development for everYone) – September 3, 2007)

Are you one of those 1%? I know I try to be (not that I always hit the mark). I run into people a lot that believe I have ulterior motives or underlying purposes because they are so conditioned to believe that with 99% of people living dishonest and insincere lives.

How would the church be different if all of us lived as totally honest and sincere people? Isn’t that what God calls us to do?!?

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