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Understanding the gospel, part 2

June 23, 2009

“When our minds are conditioned by prejudice or paralyzed by traditional views, we may face a truth in scripture again and again without it ever touching us. Our spiritual inhibition concerning that truth permits us to see, but not to perceive. The truth lies dormant within, mentally apprehended but not spiritually applied.” (God’s Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis)

A few weeks ago I posted about some things my pastor spoke into my life. It has taken some time to get a good understanding of what he was saying because it wasn’t explained with great detail, but that is coming and I am overwhelmed with grief over my sinful and vile ways. I can’t believe the darkness, and hard-hearted and stiff-necked ways I have been living regarding life and truth with the Lord. It wasn’t purposeful. I didn’t know I was living under untruth and sin, but that doesn’t change my responsibility. I have been living in sin!

I have chosen repentance to move away from my incorrect thinking. That may be a very hard path because I am choosing to cut off influence from family, friends, past thinking, learned behaviors, years of knowledge, etc. I will still relate to friends and family, but their influence on my thinking and faith will change from this day forward. Repentance means that I realize the sin in your life and that you long to get rid of it. That you take the steps necessary to turn your back on it in every shape and form. That you are willing to pay whever cost is necessary to change.

  • I have grown up not understanding that Christ needs to be my Lord and what it means to submit to that.
  • I have grown up believing I was saved by faith, not saved by Christ’s redemption and his amazing gift.
  • I have grown up minimizing God’s greatness and not placing him as God in my life.
  • I have grown up thinking I needed to serve God and work for my salvation, instead it is a gift and the  heart and gifts will flow from him. I don’t create them on my own power.
  • I have grown up striving to live a life of purity, service, and right thinking when I could have lived a life focused on God and his goodness and so much of those other things would have naturally flowed out of me.
  • I have grown up not understanding the role of the church, community, and pastors/elders.
  • I have grown up thinking faith and life with Christ was simple and it isn’t…but my part in it is simple…surrender!

My life is being transformed through this which is just amazing. In years of being a Christian I have never felt this release and hope. I am still deeply grieved over my sin but for the first time I think I truly understand the gift God gave for me and how much he loves me. I think I am coming to truly understand the gospel and it is changing my life. Wow!!!

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