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Restoring Theology Through Song

June 26, 2009

As I am stripping back my theology and trying to go back to the basics of what should be core to my beliefs. One of my struggles has been that I have put “me” too central in my beliefs and need to put God/Christ back in their right place. As I awoke today I gave my head/mind, spirit, soul, and heart to God again. The act of giving my mind to him made a huge difference. Since that time songs have been stirring in my heart. Songs that I was raised on that teach some core basic truths about God that I really need to make central to my life.

  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Rejoice in the Lord Always
  • I Will Enter His Gates
  • I Exalt Thee
  • Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver
  • Seek Ye First
  • Love the Lord Your God With All Your Heart
  • This is the Day That the Lord Has Made

What is stirring in your heart today? Is it about God? If not, why don’t you make an adjustment and lean your ear his way. He has something precious to share with you.

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