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Hearts set on serving

June 29, 2009

“Jesus “hit a beaches” with his people.  He did not recruit angels to be his leaders, but flesh-and-blood humans who would take this world as a theater in which to show forth his power.  He planned to build in the world through transformed sinners, so at his baptism he chose to be one with sinners and offer them forgiveness and sonship with the Father.  He wanted leaders who would lead from the experience of real-like testings, so he himself was tested.  He wanted men and women whose hearts would be set on serving God, so he came as a servant who trembled at God’s word.” (Transforming Leadership by Leighton Ford)

God does not build his world and lead us through perfect people, but through sinners that are transformed and forgiven. We all are still a work in progress. We all will face testings, trials, and deal with sin. We will at times fall mightily, and other times it will appear that no one even saw us stumble.

The important issues are not those struggles but where our heart is set and what we are devoted to. When you face struggles, where do you turn? Do you pick up the phone? Do you turn to food, alcohol, nicotine? Do you run to some type of earthly comfort or do you look for spiritual leadership? God wants people who come before him in awe, respect, submission, and incredibly deep love for him and his word. How are you doing on that journey today?

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