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Taken captive

July 15, 2009

Colossians 2:8
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

Have you ever been taken by anything? Most of us living in America have never experienced captivity. We live in a free country, have not experienced martial law, and have laws that keep families and spouses from abusing us. Some from our country have been captured through political or military actions, or even for some type of ransom. When we think of captivity we tend to think of captivity of the body.

God’s word speaks of another type of captivity, that of the spirit and mind. It is the captivity that our enemy, Satan, wants to place us under. He tries to deceive, confuse, frustrate, and mislead us. His ways are corrupt, evil, and very sly. He can convince us of things that make no real sense but he shapes them in a way that we do not even recognize the problem.

God wants to set us free from captivity. He wants to tear down the lies of the enemy and reshape all we believe. Captivity isn’t just something that can happen to non-believers, although that is the core of what they experience as non-believers. Believers can also be deceived and come under a spiritual stronghold that results in captivity. These strongholds often will come about after a loss, trauma, extended period of stress, or from time being in a corrupt environment.

The part that is most difficult is to recognize that the stronghold exists. I personally have experienced the deception of a stronghold in my life and had no idea it was there until others held me accountable and brought it to my attention. Author Beth Moore introduces a way to break through these strongholds once they are recognized in her book Breaking Free.

  1. Recognize the captor. Know who has brought you into this captivity.
  2. Stand in agreement with God. Acknowledge your sinful ways and the deception you have been under and agree with God that you want it to come to an end.
  3. Tear down the lies. Work to recognize all the untruthful, incorrect, or distorted thoughts, beliefs, and facts you have believed.
  4. Put up the truth. Fill the gaps with God’s truth directly from his word. Don’t leave any gaps remaining or the deceit and lies will reenter those places.
  5. Bow your thoughts to the truth. Believe, speak, and apply truth as a daily part of your life. Have faith that God will change things as you believe more in him and apply his word to your life.
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