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One flock?

July 22, 2009

I ran into a new friend this morning and had a great time sharing with him. As we talked he shared about a youth group he works with. The group and my friend are both of East Indian descent. We shared about multicultural issues and how those issues divide people much like other issues divide the church.

Next week I will be a part of a conversation where division in a local church will be discussed. Division can be caused by many things. Sometimes it is different views, arrogance, pride, sin, or even things like multicultural issues. As Christians we are called to unify, love, accept, welcome, and embrace.

Our world church has been divided over and over and over again. We separate and divide on so many issues. We shut others out, turn them away, and close doors. The friend I shared with this morning was raised in India and he said something I have heard before. One of the largest obstacles Indians and Muslims have to Christianity is the fact that we are not unified. If we would heal, forgive, accept, and unite we would be a very strong witness and they would definitely listen to our call, but until then they see us as hypocrites. Ouch!

Are you living as part of a unified flock? Are you living in unity with others or are you turning your back and leaving others out? Are you willing to forgive, heal, accept, and unify for the sake of God’s message and his call to this world? We are representatives of Christ in all we do, and if we will not repent, forgive, love, and accept then who will. Is your flock going in the same direction?

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