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Twitter – What are we communicating?

August 7, 2009


For the past year or so I have been following a few people on Twitter. I still am not convinced about what this social networking is truly accomplishing. Often I feel like I am stalking others as I learn intimate details about their thoughts and lives that I wouldn’t know through any other means. While it is enticing and at times almost addictive I think it many ways it is like a real life soap opera as we wait to hear what next will happen in this person’s life.

Yesterday I was reflecting on what we as Christians communicate to others via this medium. You don’t have to know someone to follow them on Twitter, you just have to find them and sign up. I know of several people who have followers from all over the nation that are only vague acquaintances of the Twitter poster, so the Tweets are the only image of this person’s life that the follower has. If your Tweets were all that someone knew about you, what would it communicate? Would others see Christ in your life? One person I know is a ministry leader, but they post mostly about their frustrations and food. Is that a good witness?

I saw two Tweets yesterday. Which one inspires you?

  • “We need to stop being fools for Christ and start truly living for him.”
  • “teaching christians to live normally”

I guess I would rather have an extraordinary and non-normal life. I don’t know the context around either Tweet as this is all I was given, so again I wonder…..what are we really communicating to others, and is it furthering the kingdom of God? As Christians I think we need to be a lot more careful regarding what we communicate and how it might come across to those we don’t really know our heart and the greater context of our words.

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