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Taking Stock of Life

August 26, 2009

I have been taking stock of life lately. As summer is nearing the end and I am looking toward the fall I am evaluating how I have spent my summer. This year there weren’t many trips, but there was a lot of other things going on. When we look back on our lives what is it that we remember? What is it that stands out?

Every year I could count the number of hours I sleep, work, take care of daily needs, etc. I could reflect on the trips I took, the parties I went to, the social events I attended. Those are all good things, but I am starting to look at life differently and to ask:

  • How much time did I spend in relationship with God? (prayer, bible study, etc.)
  • How much time did I spend serving and loving on others?
  • How much time did I spend learning more about how to be a Christian and how to live well?
  • How much time did I invest in helping others grow toward a relationship with God?
  • How many times did I tell others about God?
  • How many times did I poorly represent God through my words, actions, attitudes, and interactions?
  • How many of my resources (money, belongings, etc.) did I share with others? Do I consider them my resources or God’s?
  • How much of my time did I allow God to lead?
  • How many opportunities did I say no to or leave neglected because my heart was unwilling to go where God wanted me to?
  • How many times did I overlook what God was doing?
  • How honest have I been about the sin in my life and walked in true repentance?
  • How many times have I told others I would do something and didn’t do it?
  • How many times have my words or actions hurt others?
  • How many relationships have I left unresolved where I have been unwilling to forgive, reconcile, and love?
  • What haven’t I returned to others that I borrowed from them?

Are we asking the right questions when we take stock of life? Whose life are we taking stock of……our life, or the life of God’s servant?

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