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What does living as a Christian look like?

September 21, 2009

An assistant pastor at a church I used to attend was always asking “What does it look like?” in regards to living out a life as a Christian. While the question was a little over used, the intent behind it was really good. It made me stop and reflect on life a lot. As a Christian we profess to believe something that should be walked out in our life every day, but the question is how? Is there a certain way it should look? Are there things that shouldn’t be a part of it?

I am not a strong supporter of absolutes regarding moral behavior. For example, I have friends that have drawn the line and will not watch an R rated movie. There are some R rated movies that have that rating due to the reality of the content (e.g. war, trauma, street life, violence) and the story can not be told well without that.

I am wrestling daily with how to live my life in a way that is worthy of the gospel, a witness for Christ, and where I am truly walking in the spirit with him. Yesterday I had the privilege to take a meal to a couple I met last month who had their first baby a couple weeks ago. It was a wonderful time sharing with them and hearing about the joy they have had with family and with their son. Before I left I asked if I could pray with them. The husband smiled and said that would be wonderful, and then he said “no one else has prayed with us”. That made me sad because at least eight others had brought them food already.

What does living as a Christian look like? At the core I think it looks like we walk with Christ, have priorities shaped by him, and live by values he professed (like love, forgiveness, hope, grace, mercy, purity, boldness). I think it looks like we not only have a relationship with him, but that we invite others into that relationship through prayer, worship, study, and conversation. If we only talk to others about God, but never share in relationship with them and God at the same time are we missing something? Praying with others, and especially being bold enough to ask if I can is not something I strong at or that comfortable with, but it is an area God has challenged me to grow and I am stepping up to take that challenge. It is part of making prayer a higher priority in my life, and learning to walk as a disciple more so that I can also disciple others.

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