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Community: Spiritual and Gospel Centered

October 28, 2009

I recently have been learning about what real Spiritual and Gospel centered community looks like. I have started attending a church that is gospel centered and I am seeing lives changed by the truth of God’s word in powerful ways. I also have become connected with other believers who are walking in community with each other in real spiritual community. We gathered on Saturday evening for a time of fellowship, prayer, talking about the bible, sharing community, and talking about service and ministry to others. This time together in a home and over dinner was one of the best times I have shared with others and it deeply touched my heart. I keep reflecting on Acts 2:42-47 and all the believers in the first Christian church shared. While this community it not there yet I think they have the heart to go there if we all continue to be authentic as we walk with each other toward God.

What does real community look like? How do we create it? I think it starts with our heart and relationship with God. “True intimacy cannot grow in an untrue environment.” (Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed by Beth Moore, Week 3, Day 4). What is the condition of your heart toward God? Is it in a place to be true, authentic, and open with others?

This post by a pastor (in Florida I think) is a very thoughtful post about what real gospel community looks like. If you really read it and let it affect your heart I believe you will be challenged.

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