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Responding to Ticket Talker 3000

October 29, 2009

Have you heard about the Ticket Talker 3000 iPhone app? It is an app provided by 76 gasoline which gives a variety of answers (or excuses) which could be given to a law enforcement professional who is seeking to give you a ticket.


The premise of this app is to provide a way to get out of the penalty where you have done something wrong. The Bible tells us to take responsibility for our actions, to respect and honor the authorities above us, and to live in honesty and with high standards. This application seems to oppose all of those things, giving excuses and hopefully a way out rather than admitting our shortcomings, taking responsibility, and living in honesty and truth.

As a Christian how should we respond to something like this. Do we ignore it? Laugh about it? Use it? Get angry about it? Take action toward the company in response to it? I am not someone who typically takes response to such things but recently I heard a quote that said “what one generation allows the next generation accepts”. If American consumers allow or even accept things like this which move us further and further from God’s heart and his standard than where will we be a generation from now?

Sorry 76 gasoline but I think you made a serious error in judgement in creating this and I believe it shows part of your character and some of the heart behind your business which is not a heart that I want to share. I choose to live a life of honesty, integrity, and righteousness and if I have done wrong and am given a ticket then I will pay it, in fact I have paid the two parking tickets I received without question. I desire to glorify God in all things, especially the small ones.

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  1. Ben permalink
    December 26, 2009 5:33 am

    I’m sorry but have you tried this application? It’s blatently obvious that it’s a joke and an advertising pitch on the part of 76, it isn’t supposed to be taken seriously in any way, it’s definatly not something to get up in arms over. Personally I don’t think that any cop is going to believe that i’m actually chasing after an escaped cheetah, or that my foot is literaly made out of lead 😉

    • December 27, 2009 9:43 pm

      Ben, I do realize it is a joke. I just have an ethical conflict with the fact this company is promoting that type of a joke and that they are paying to advertise it as they are doing. I enjoy humor and laughter, but I don’t find humor in things that are unethical. I am glad you enjoy the humor in it though, and I sure hope you don’t find a cop that believes you are chasing a cheetah. 🙂

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