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Thinking About Community

November 10, 2009

I have been thinking about and talking to other about community a lot lately. As I have been talking about community a couple statements have been made that have really stirred my heart and mind.

1) Community, real community, must be centered on Christ. I would agree. I know we can have congenial and friendly relations where we condone and accept certain things, but can we truly have community in a Biblical sense by just being present with each other through meals and doing life together? If the relationship does not have a foundation on Christ it will be like the house built on the sand and will fall when times get difficult.

2) True community knows how to resolve conflict. Church, community, and relationships can get messy because we are individual people that God has made unique and we are also sinful and independent. True community embraces the beauty of those differences with passion and commitment that Christ can and will help us reconcile our differences. Do we believe that Christ is big enough to resolve and strengthen things between us? Are we committed to loving God with our all and loving our neighbor as ourselves?

I read a great article today on a disturbing trend that is occurring in our Church which is causing disunity, lack of community, and is communicating division and separation is acceptable in God’s family. I am deeply saddened by the message this communicates to unbelievers and how it cheapens the amazing Good News of the Gospel.

Read The Gospel in Real Life then click on the link to  Read the entire post at Grace for Life from that site or from here.

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