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Fractured Integrity

November 24, 2009

Integrity has been on my mind and heart lately as I am stepping into new ministry roles and recently started a new job with increased responsibilities and leadership. As a Christian I know that everything I do and do not do is a representation not only of me, but also of God, God’s family, and the church. Think about that for a minute, it is really serious thing and without the help of God it would be overwhelming. I am so thankful for God!

Integrity refers to wholeness, being integrated into one. The opposite word would be disintegrity which refers something that is fractured into pieces. Once something begins to be fractured in any manner stress can affect it very quickly and before you know it the whole thing can fall.

This was recently experienced on the San Francisco Bay Bridge when a steel rod snapped causing damage to three vehicles and closing this major road for an extended period of time.  Not only were there fractures in the steel rod, but as stress caused the rod to break the impact of these small fractures was enormous. The image shows the traffic backup that resulted from this problem. Many thousands of people were stranded as the road closed and travel in the area was greatly impacted in the days that followed. Each person in those cars had commitments that they were unable to make due to one steel rod breaking.

Our actions, words, decisions, and lives affect others. We often don’t recognize the far-reaching impacts that can come from what we do and say. Is there integrity in your life? Is there wholeness and integration as one? Are there fractures that could, especially under stress, cause the whole thing to come crashing down?

As a leader the importance of integrity, unity, truth, and authenticity are imperative in my life. I can’t live with sin, brokenness, and deception. I can’t live in a manner where I hide anything or my life could fracture and that could cause impacts on all who are under my leadership. I pray that God protects and leads me and others who are in leadership of our churches and ministries to be people of integrity. I pray the importance of our integrity weighs heavily on the hearts of God’s people so that we will become stronger witnesses and people of obedience.

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