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Integrity In The Digital Age

December 13, 2009

A few days ago I saw a blog post where someone was asking about how to remove information about something from their past off of the Internet. They had made some poor decisions when they were younger and now are concerned about it affecting future employment and professional advancement.

Integrity is an issue that Christians’ should be talking about, and often don’t speak of enough. As representatives for Christ we need an awareness that all we do reflects him to the world.

I have worked with students (junior high through college) for over 20 years. Teaching them about character, integrity, wisdom (especially in regard to choices), and living as believers are things I speak of with students regularly. With the increase of the Digital Age, and the ability for anyone to say anything and have control over whether it is posted for the world to see brings our integrity to a whole new level. People now are making decisions as teenagers that could affect their reputation to keep them out of ministry, careers, relationships, etc. in 10, 20, or 30+ years.

How can and should the Christian church and community respond to the issues around information sharing in the Digital Age? Are we looking at the issues and how they affect us? Are we teaching others how to communicate well online and how to make wise choices to represent themselves, their church, their friends/family, and God well?

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