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Deep down I believe…..

January 25, 2010

I have been thinking a lot this week about what I am convinced of. What is it that I believe, deep down in my heart.

Some of the answers are easy, and yet realizing why I believe them has been interesting.

I believe in gravity.
I believe that weather will change.
I believe we need to eat, drink, and provide for certain basic needs.
I believe I need people.
I believe I was born and I will die.

Those are all important beliefs, but I have started to see a few others that I hold that I start to wonder about.

I believe I need certain comforts in life or I will not be happy.
I believe that I have rights and freedoms that should have.
I believe there are others who care about me, but I fall lower on their priority list than I want to.
I believe that I am capable of doing great things, but often don’t achieve them due to circumstances I feel are beyond my control.
I believe that I have some shortcomings that make me less worthy than others.

That last one really got me. Do I really believe that? Then I started taking a look at what I believe about others, and I found some beliefs I hold that are pretty counter-cultural.

I believe that no one is unworthy of love, care, and grace.
I believe that conflict with others is unnecessary if we share a commitment to Christ in our life.
I believe that there is no reason to shut others out of your life and turn them away, although boundaries might be needed at times.
I believe that people are not expendable, and they are more valuable than anything else.
I believe that the color of our skin, the nationality of our birth, the country of our citizenship, our age, our gender, and our physical/mental/emotional capabilities do not affect our worth.
I believe that every person is created in the image of God and deserves respect.
I believe that we make poor decisions at times, but our decisions and opinions do not open the door for others to judge our hearts, and our integrity.
I believe that I can learn from and share with anyone in valuable ways.
I believe that when I do not embrace relationship with others I am missing out on the greatest gift I could receive here on earth.
I believe that I was created to serve, give, love, and share with others to help them find a relationship with Christ.

Deep down, I believe in God, in Christ, in my salvation, and in the calling on my life.

What is it you believe? Are you willing to be honest about the good, the bad, and the counter-cultural?

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