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Planting changed lives

January 29, 2010

I met with my pastor this week to talk about our church plant. Church planting can occupy all of your free moments as you invest hopes, dreams, and vision into the future. Will the church grow? Will people come? Will we really become what we would like to become? Will that change over time? (I actually hope it does because we should change.)

Church planters have a different viewpoint than pastors of established churches because they are starting from scratch and having to build everything.

Church planters focus is on planting the church. Their focus is on establishing a group, starting programs, finding a building, and about finances.

This week we have been thinking differently.

Rather than thinking about planting a church, we started thinking about reaching lost people. We are talking about having a presence in people’s lives.

  • When we can determine a neighborhood or area to plant in, what can we do for the neighborhood?
  • Is there a service we can provide to the community?
  • What might the community need?
  • How can we learn the stories of the people?
  • How can we engage them in conversations that will lead to relationships so we can share life together?
  • How can we bring hope to the lost?
  • What do the “middle” (non-rich, non-poor) need in life that they are not getting?
  • How can we build relationship with people who do not believe in God but need truth?
  • How can we live lives that are so different that they draw others because they are different yet don’t turn others away because they are legalistic, arrogant, or judgmental toward others?
  • How can we loose our lives serving others?

What if the church doesn’t grow, but we change lives? That would be success!

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